Saariaho and Other Gardens

Other Gardens is the continuation of “Saariaho and Other Gardens”: a concert consisting of three solo pieces, all written in the 90’s and all accompanied by electronics: “Lohn” for soprano, “Noa Noa” for flute and “Six Japanese Gardens” for percussion. The solos are alternated with improvised passages.

When Kaija Saariaho received the Danish Sonning prize in 2011, “Saariaho and Other Gardens” was a part of the celebration. This concert was performed at the new opera house in Copenhagen in the presence of the composer. A very pleased Kaija Saariaho later expressed the following:

“On my arrival day I attended a concert called “Saariaho and other gardens”—The concert turned out to be wonderful and one of the most enjoyable moments of my whole visit. —They didn’t only perform with an unusual conviction my solo works —- but had also created improvisations which led into my music and which were every time different and lively. The improvisations —- created expectations that the pieces seemed then to fulfil. — These three exceptional performers certainly do justice to my music with their fresh and yet deeply felt interpretations. ”

The concert has also been performed in Nordlichter Festival in Berlin, in Nordischer Klang festival in Greifswald and numberous times in Denmark.