Other Gardens goes to the movies!

Invited by the Danish Film Institute/ Cinemateket in Copenhagen, we had the privilege to participate in the first Fashion in Film festival  held in Copenhagen in Febuary 2013.
Product placement is older than we think, and the purpose of this festival was to
rediscover some great silent cinema, with a special emphasis on fashion.
We were given the task to make a live soundtrack to the Italian film Rapsodica Satanica from 1915, directed by Nino Oxilla.
Staring is the great diva Lydia Borelli who is said to have driven men crazy with desire, and being such a style icon for women that the expression “Borellissima” was invented .
The story is a female and slightly different version of the Faust legend, an old woman selling her soul to the devil in order to have her youth back. A big part of the film is the heroin wandering around in fantastic outfits, being overwhelmed, enchanted, desperate, invincible etc, with Mephisto showing his ugly face once in a while.
We had a great pleasure accompanying this film with flute, marimba and percussion,  voice and electronics…and slightly damp roses!